Castlehouse 4e Eberron

The Sliver's Call

The Sliver’s Call

The story thus far…

A mage by the name of Casaubon called forth adventurers from all across Khorvaire to the city of Sharn and is petitioning all to aid him in reaching a location known simply as the Chaos Scar. His call is for only the strongest, bravest, or most foolish to aid him in reaching the Scar, trekking to a cave, and recovering a magical artifact.

The party members agree, in round about ways, to at least see what Casaubon is up to and help him in exchange for some much needed coin which has been promised by the wizard. In the mean time, another wizard, from the White Lotus Academy, has been murdered by a Dragonborn assassin. The assassin and thief then stole some of the old sage’s books from his personally library which contained notes regarding Xen’drik from before the meteor fell (the cause of the Chaos Scar).

The party were negotiating terms with Casaubon and price when one of the party members, Isek, arrives with an airship he recently obtained from a not-so-bright dwarven merchant from House Kundarak. be continued…



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